The world becomes morbidly sedentary…

The world becomes morbidly sedentary? Is sport and exercise helpint to get old more healthy?? read about this in my new article?

Everyone wants to grow old, nobody wants to be old.

Endurance sports in older age?


Foto: pixabay

20 years is a long time. And especially if you are already 50 years old or even more. Well, I’m just 46 years old, but I have been working for more than 20 years with topics like aging, getting old and what I can oppose to my biological and psychological disintegration. I always keep in mind a word of a friend of mine – Prof. Dr. med. János Winkler: „getting 120 years old isn’t that difficult, change your habit and behave is hard…“

„Athletes no longer live, they only die healthier.“ is something popularly known but is it true?


read more about this in my blog article – click here

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