speeches &Training

My portfolio includes moderations, lectures, speeches and trainings for governments, enterprises and associations as well as international organizations.

From motivational lectures, training of specialists and product launches up to professional presentation of your events, I can count on me…

Keynote speed at oOpening international Hiking and Business tourist fair and exhibition in Dunhuang/China

inspirational and keynote speeches, lectures or pulse lectures

My portfolio as professional speaker and trainer includes all variations of the speeches. However, I place particular emphasis on:

  • motivation and inspiration
  • intercultural knowledge
  • agility and change management
  • willpower and persistance
  • crisis management as well as
  • leadership and sales
Foto: Annegret Müller

Through my experience as a keynote speaker in more than 15 countries, in Europe as well as in Asia in more than 50 lectures and speeches I have been honored to refer as key note speaker for governments like ministries or international organizations like UNWTO.

Participants and clients describe my performances as exciting and entertaining, motivating and activating but also thought-provoking.

My personal goal in every speech is to get the audience off on a journey and together we go the first part. Afterwards I dismiss you to continue the journey successfully.


Pricing for speeches, lectures and moderations:
  • Duration: 45 up to 180 minutes
  • Pricing: starts with 500 Euro
  • incl. concept work
  • plus travel costs, accommodation and expenses



Traingcenter Sinopec China

In my trainings, employees and executives as well as the management of companies gain extensive knowledge in sales, intercultural management, conflict management and negotiation techniques. But also behavioral changes such as agility management, sustainable and performance leadership are trained

With the support of the LIFO®-Methode analysis and method as well as a broad spectrum of solution-oriented procedures, I ensure the desired participant and client success in the trainings.

Participants and clients confirm my training as effective, entertaining and exciting, but at the same time as positive and exhausting.


The duration of  individually designed training is between 1 and 5 days and in modular design at 3×2 or 5×3 days.

Standardize, highly efficient training programs available for the areas:

  • Management of sales
  • leading the change and agility management
  • Project Management and team building
  • sales and acquisition skills and techniques
  • negotiating and crises leading
  • Speaker and presenter skills
  • Thinking out of the box
  • moderations


Pricing for individual trainings:
  • Duration: starts with 240 minutes (1/2 day)
  • Prices: from 1800 Euro including concept work and preparation / each person
  • group prices on request
  • plus material
  • plus travel costs, accommodation and expenses