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Speaker Introduction: 

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Hello and thank you for visit my online presence here.

I´m Kai Markus Xiong – the german guy with a chinese name.


How comes? For me family need to have one name and as my wife is far away form her parents i decided to choose her name. You can call it a kind of respect to her parents – my parents in law in china. So its no wonder i choose china as my 2nd home country.

Foto: Kai Markus Xiong – 2017 – Family Xiong – Xi´an (China)

As a versatile human being I discovered very early my ability to inspire and motivate others. Changes are not always as easy as it sounds, but with the right amount of confidence, the right tools and some inspiration I have been able to satisfy my own life dream. With this I’m able to satisfy all my clients from government-, business- and the private sector.

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As a management consultant, coach and trainer I help my clients with their sales, strategic or structural successes.

Since I fulfilled my own life dream in 2016/2017, the experience of a „12000 km long cultural marathon from Hamburg to Shanghai“ and a „6300km long cultural bike tour from Norway to Thessaloniki“ i could round off my profile. Due to the international media and press presence, I was able to continue to profile myself as a sought after speaker, consultant and intercultural expert. On my adventure i had a bad accident, broke both heel-bones, sit in a wheelchair for more than 4 months but still i could finish my dream together with my team mate Victor Neubauer.

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Lectures at universities, ministries, government-affiliated organizations and high-profile private sector companies are quite passable references.

Foto: UNWTO – Kai Markus Xiong at UNWTO conference in Thessaloniki

Among other things, I was able to successfully implement my inspiration and motivation in the sub-organization of the UNWTO United Nations, various ministries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan and China.

As the father of a 2.5-year-old son, I am particularly interested in topics relevant to the future, such as agility, changeability, artificial intellect and the development of humanity. I prefer to moderate exciting topics that are controversial, get everyone involved involved and generally achieve consensus and common ground.

At home I like to ski, run and swim and enjoy the time with the family and the development of my son.

I am happy if I am also allowed to work for you.

You can reach me via the contact form or by e-mail: info@https://www.runmysilkroad.com


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