Kai Markus Xiong

personal profile of me:


Name: Xiong

Surname: Kai Markus

Olaf Scholz (l) and Kai Markus Xiong (r) before start in 2017.

Born: 1972

Nationality: german

Relegion: christian

Based: Germany – Hamburg – married – one child


  • Bachelor of finance and service
  • LIFO® certified analyst
  • management consultant
  • personal coach and trainer
  • athlete (running, swimming, cycling)
  • founder of runmysilkroad
  • founder of DZBK
  • managing director of Xiong/Xiong GbR


  • runmysilkroad – 12000 km run to breakdown prejudice and encourage others to chase their life dreams – an initiative supported by UN WTO and Senator chancellery of Free- and Hanseatic city of hamburg. Chairman: Olaf Scholz – former 1. major of hamburg city
  • youshouldrunhere – initiative to promote and support travel places around the world to break down prejudice
  • cycle and run = fun – initiative to cross 13 european countries to fight agains sugar and promote diabetes prevention, help people to believe in their live dreams

Speaker / Moderator:

  • UN WTO
  • Universities
    (like Leipzig, Lanzhou, Enshi, Dunhuang, Shenzhen, …)
  • Athlete schools
    (like Samarkand olympic training center, Shenzhen athlete club, Shanghai runner association, …)
  • Confucius-Institute at University of Hamburg
  • nihao Deutschland TV reportage
  • Hamburg Marathon
  • Dunhuang 1. International Gobi Hiking and camping exhibition and event


E-Mail: info@https://www.runmysilkroad.com    –    Mobile: +49-171-5214627