Y12,000 km – Culture connected by steps – 用奔跑的脚步连接起文化

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run to break down prejudice

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From Spring 2017 to autumn 2017 i will make my dream come true and run from Germany to China. This great Culture Marathon will reach several goals:

  1. build a cultural bridge over 8 Countries
  2. encourage social responsibility
  3. motivate young generation to follow their goals
  4. work against prejudice 

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2017年春季至10我将实现我的梦想, 从德国跑向中国大的拉松目。 实现以下几个目标:

  • 8个国家搭建起文化桥梁
  • 鼓励社会任感
  • 鼓励年一代追逐他的梦想
  • 摒弃偏

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