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new countries – new chances – new bridge

Norway – Sweden – Denmark – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – Luxembourg – France – Switzerland – Lichtenstein – Austria – Italy – Greece

Oslo – Stockholm – Hamburg – Den Haag – Bruxelles – Luxembourg – Paris – Zurich – Vaduz – Innsbruck – Rome – Thessaloniki

Hello – the new project will be a combination of cycling and running across 13 countries in Europe to share the experience of running from hamburg to shanghai. But there are more goals we want reach with our new project…


Our societies are facing big challenges – too big for a country, too big for a government, but not too big for us as strong societies.

During my 12000km cultural ultra-marathon through 8 countries I realized that we have already recognized ordinary people.

Often, however, we feel too small and helpless and think we could do nothing. Building bridges and breaking down walls – creating understanding and reducing prejudices is sensible and successful at the smallest level.

I already helped some of those I met to overcome their own prejudices. Others were inspired to pursue their lifelong dreams or simply to make their lives new, positive and healthy. I will continue this work – with my simple means – small but durable.

The journey continues – some of our basic social problems require constant remind and solutions.

Sugar and Diabetes – the sustainable use of our resources to fight against prejudiceand make the future of our children positive and healthy are just a few examples.

The next countries will give me the next chance. Sport is the vehicle to transport the message.

Therefore, my target is to create a combination of long distance cycling and running event. Be curious what happens. Through my first project I have learned a lot what I will integrate now to let you even more participate in this mission. Alone you can achieve a lot – together as a team you can achieve everything.

the route you will find here…

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