Kai Markus


You want know what kind of equipment i choose? 

Here i will add step by step my equipment list including pictures. You also see how i will design it.


Here you find also the first impressions of the design of my equipment…

design my bike 


Helmet equipment 

some of my 361° equipment 

Ortlieb equipment

Garmin equipment

Nikon equipment

Track and safety equipment 

other equipment

MSR Hubba NX 2 Ultra Leichtzelt
Trail Pro iso-matte
Airinthia Nepal 2.0 Schlafsack
Iphone 6plus
Batterypack Iphone
iPhone Ladekabel
Esbit Spiritus-Trockenbrennstoff-Kochset
First Aid Kid
Apple MacBook
Apple Ladekabel MacBook




The design of my previous project which was running from Hamburg to Shanghai 12000 km along the silk road – accompanied by a Volkswagen Beetle form 1984 and a small trailer. Both designed also by ourself.