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Runmysilkroad is an initiative to breakdown prejudice and motivate to chase life dreams – founded by Kai Markus Xiong.

Hello, my name is Kai Markus Xiong and I’m  german. Born 1972 in bavaria I’m now located in Hamburg/Germany. Married with my chinese wife we have one son.  Now you also know where my chinese family name come from.

Family Xiong – Yuman Xiong (l), Xavier-Xushu Xiong (m), Kai Markus Xiong (r)

Why is called “run my silk road”?

Inspired by the ancient silk road – a trade and culture exchange caravan way  – which connects many nations and cultures.

“run” because when you are walking and running you will experience the most on your way as you slowly enough.

“my” as we have to find our own ways in our life. There is no right or wrong.  There is just the way you believe in.

“silk” for me is the symbol of our societies and

“road” is the way how we are all connected.  

Kai Markus Xiong – Pamir Mountains Kyrgyzstan

My goals

Build culture bridges to break down prejudice and motivates others to chase their life dreams are my main goals.

With my projects and initiative i will show what´s possible – everything.

I want bring people to move and change their life to healthy and sustainable life style. Especially children as they all are our future.

One of many reason why I fight against sugar and promote diabetes prevention.

My own mind-set

„If you can think it – you can do it!“


„Alone you can reach many things, but together we can reach everything.“

Are my tow main sentences I believe in.

When it starts

In 2015-2016 my ideas was growing stronger and faster and i prepared to chance my life step by step without know how it will end up.

2017 I start to change my own life completely and I started to fulfil my own life dream – running from Hamburg in Germany to Shanghai in China – 12000 km.


My Logo

I create a logo which shows me on my way the most important in my life – family.

Xiong (熊), my family name means bear and the panda bear is a kind of national symbol of china – my second home country.

The first name of my son is Xavier-Xushu and Xushu (栩树) means something similar to strong tree and the oak tree is a kind of national symbol in Germany.

The combination was born.

Showing the connection for my both home countries Germany and china and my family spirit.

Logo – Panda bear and oak tree

My blog

Besides my webpage you find my as well at

On my blog you will be updated by my projects with pictures, videos and newsletter around the way. The basic idea is to promote places they could be interesting for you to get experience, inspiration and get in touch with others to continue build a culture bridge by traveling.

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Enjoy life and stay healthy and happy…

Kai Markus

athlete, mental coach, business consultant and life dream expert

Olaf Scholz (l) and Kai Markus Xiong (r) at Hamburg City Hall

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